Ending Period poverty

1 in 4 menstruators have struggled to get the period products they need.

This can lead to missed school, work, & activities. It can lead to poor self-esteem.

Or this can lead to using items that are not intended for menstrual hygiene, like socks or toilet paper.

While BadgerCare, WIC & Food Stamps don't help women with menstrual care, WE DO!

As long as we have YOUR HELP!

Womens Hygiene


You donate menstrual supplies to us, we provide them to any menstruator in need in our county.

Donated Supplies can be:

pads or tampons of any absorbancy

unused leak-proof cloth menstrual pads

unused menstrual cups

unused menstrual undies of all sizes

individually wrapped hand wipes

brown paper lunch bags

We can provide menstrual products at businesses, organizations, & educational institutions 

CONTACT US if you would like to add your location to our deliveries

I need menstrual products for myself...


Sister, we got you!