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Take the fear out of a First Period and add the FUN! Honor the changes of puberty by mixing education, preparation, comfort & play!


Your loved one will receive:* a reusable pouch chock full of disposable menstrual products for a cycle* deodorant wipes for stinky pits* a bathbomb to relax and calm the body and mind* super comfy fuzzy wuzzy socks* inspirational stickers to put on a water bottle * a beautiful bracelet & a boredom busting fidget* faqs about first periods for kids - and parents (card)* how to use common menstrual products (card)* pocket calendar, fun pen & directions on how to track your cycle (card)


This First Period Box is put together by (a small nonprofit looking to make big changes in women's wellness).

Your purchase of this box not only helps your loved one prepare for their first period, but helps provide four cycle's worth of menstrual products for a person in need as we help end period poverty!

First Period Box

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