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a little nonprofit looking to make
BIG Changes in local women's wellness


SisterWell Inc.

Sisterhood Wellness (we lovingly call it SisterWell) was formed to help fill the gap in women's wellness and make wellness accessible to a larger audience.

 Our current focus is menstrual health and wellness. We teach menstruators about the basic biology of our cycles and encourage period positivity. We assist with menstrual equity and work towards ending period poverty by providing free menstrual supplies to our community. All of the supplies we give to our community are donated to us by our community!

 We are a community funded nonprofit, meaning we solely operate through the help of our neighbors in Eastern Wisconsin. We can't do any of this without the love of our local sisters!

13,294 menstrual cycles covered by SisterWell since June 2022


Gina Y.

"WOW, what a difference it makes to know what my body is doing every month! Why aren't they teaching this to all girls in school?"

Jerri S.

"When I'm worried about paying the rent, paying for food, getting my kids clothes... It is a relief to not have to worry about tampons too."

Jenae W.

"I love every minute that I spend volunteering at SisterWell - meeting new sisters and helping my community!"

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